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Rabbi Moshe Ben Gigi

Head of the "Chaim shel Torah" organization
and Rabbi of the community in the "Rovah" neighborhood.

The project in numbers

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Square meter on each floor
Seating in the Beit Midrash
Floors in the building


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“With the help of Hashem, we have been granted the privilege to build a synagogue and bet midrash for the Sephardic Bnei Torah community in the new “Rovah” neighborhood located in Ramat Bet Shemesh. This neighborhood is home to dozens of Bnei Torah families and hardworking Baalei Batim, all seeking a place for prayer, Torah learning, and the upbringing of children in the ways of Torah and Yirat Hashem. The establishment of large shopping centers in the neighborhood has brought residents together, making it essential to have an active place of prayer and spiritual growth.

This house will be a house of kindness in terms of financial, soul, and spirit, addressing all the necessary matters with intention and advice. Additionally, the establishment of a Halacha teaching house will ensure the qualification of teachers in Israel. I offer this prayer to the Creator of the world: “Creator of the world, complete the establishment of this building,” and may the pleasantness of Hashem our God be upon us, granting blessings of goodness from the strength of establishing this magnificent building, which encompasses Torah study, prayer, and acts of kindness according to the tradition of the Sephardic community, for the benefit of all those fortunate to be partners with the Holy One, blessed be He.

The synagogue and spiritual center will be founded on three pillars. The first pillar is the foundation of Torah, represented by the Kollel Avrecheem learning Halacha throughout the day, engaging with working people, and activities of keruv for all ages. The second pillar is the foundation of prayer, following the tradition and customs of Edot Hamizrach in Eretz Yisrael, represented by the devotion and Avodat Hashem of Yitzhak Avinu. The third pillar is the foundation of kindness (chessed), represented by Avraham Avinu, which includes providing assistance to those in need, both financially and medically. The center will also offer guidance, attention to requests, Gmachim for those in need, and establish a “Bet Horaah” for answering Halachic questions throughout the day. Additionally, there will be classes and lectures for women.

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the blessing of the year

Also we will be offering a special blessing that will be read anytime the Aron hakodesh is open to all the people that took upon themselves the monthly dedication to our synagogue


the option to dedicate a wall in the synagogue, in memory of, for Refua shelma, and etc.


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Plaster entrance design for the Beit Midrash

square meters total in Beit Midrash

Wall cladding and flooring in the study hall

General lighting on the front of the building

square meters, and the Torah hall

Air conditioners in the Temple of the Torah

entrance stairs to the building

Always candle in the Bait Ha- midrash

Central Window at the entrance

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